Benefits to the Surrounding

World-class R&D facility

As a world-class R&D facility operating over a 5-year period, the Fallon FORGE project will support economic prosperity in the City of Fallon and in Churchill County.  The presence of leading researchers from across the United States in a top-notch R&D program will contribute to economic stability and  build educational awareness about the role of geothermal as a major source of clean, renewable energy for Nevada and the nation.

We Pursue Excellence

With access to the US Department of Energy’s education and outreach programs and new educational initiatives being developed by the Fallon FORGE Team, additional STEM curricula options
for K-12 students will be offered to the Churchill County School District, and educational trips to the Fallon FORGE site will be facilitated. In addition to employment opportunities for local contractors
and students, internships will be available to high school and college students in the areas of renewable energy, national security, and more.


  • Increase the community’s visibility.
  • Provide income for local businesses.
  • Lead to possible workforce development opportunities.
  • Broaden K-12 students’ knowledge of renewable energy technologies through outreach and field trips.
  • Provide educational opportunities and beneficial experience through student internships and post doctoral positions.