What is FORGE?

The DOE Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE) is a dedicated site where scientists and engineers will be able to develop, test, and accelerate breakthroughs in enhanced geothermal system (EGS) technologies and techniques.

FORGE’s mission is to enable cutting-edge research and drilling and technology testing, as well as to allow scientists to identify a replicable, commercial pathway to EGS. In addition to the site itself, the FORGE effort will include a robust instrumentation, data collection, and data dissemination component to capture and share data and activities occurring at FORGE in real time. The innovative research, coupled with an equally innovative collaboration and management platform, is truly a first of its-kind endeavor.


With the potential to supply power to 100 million American homes, EGS is a clean and renewable source of domestic energy. The FORGE site will be a unique, world-class research and development (R&D) facility to develop
and improve methods and technologies needed to enable widespread EGS commercialization, thus increasing our nation’s energy security.

Fallon is an Excellent FORGE Site

Fallon is located in the Carson Sink, a large valley with six operating geothermal power plants and hundreds of shallow and deep geothermal wells. However, geothermal drilling in and around the Fallon FORGE site has shown that although temperatures are favorable, permeability is uniformly low. As a result, all deep geothermal wells drilled in the Fallon area are not commercially productive. In addition to these technical characteristics, the nearby Fallon community is engaged in the project, as is the Naval Air Station Fallon (NASF), the US Navy’s premier tactical air warfare training center. Through its partnership between commercial geothermal developers and service companies, the research community, the City of Fallon, Churchill County and the US Navy, Fallon FORGE represents a unique alignment of interests toward a common goal: to advance EGS, a strategic source of clean, renewable and resilient power for the nation.